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Deployment Goodbyes Are My Least Favorite Goodbyes

When he tells me it’s time to go.

While driving to the airport.

While he gets his ticket.

Watching him go through security.

Sitting in the car alone.

Alone in my room.

Glasvegas’s mournful version of “You are my sunshine” reminded me of Sherlock and John, so then I had to make this sad video to go with it.


Holy crap, this song fits the show so perfectly.  I just don’t even know….

It definitely does.

Ask Anything

One of the reasons I started this blog is because in real life I kinda hate sharing.  And my default setting is quite locked down.  So I’m trying to get some practice being less of a bank vault.  That’s why I’d love for you guys to ask me a question or two anon or not and maybe I can get some character development out of it :)

Great advice.

Great advice.

My hopes are portrayed by Dean, and my reality is portrayed by Sam.  I lose a lot.

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Me without you

Me without you

littlegoodyoneshoeEvery feeling, funny thought or fandom related joke should have a place. This is mine :D

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